Covid-19: Health & Safety

• Coronavirus: additional hygiene procedures on board


CFMekong has designated the ship steward as the “health protocol officer” who will ensure updates to the rules and compliance with the proper procedures on each ship, such as:

• Procuring and managing protective gear and cleaning products (masks, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfectants, soap dispensers, Baccide, etc.) for all passengers and all personnel.
• Making sure the procedures for cleaning all workplace and equipment surfaces are followed.
• Making sure passengers and crew members follow the preventative and social distancing measures in place.
• Ensuring the health and safety of passengers and the crew members, and make sure the health protocol is followed fully.
• Ensuring the health protocol is followed for anyone showing symptoms or who is at risk of contamination.



• Each passenger will have their temperature taken when embarking. Any passenger whose temperature is above 100.4° F (38°C) will not be allowed on board. Each ship is equipped with an infrared thermometer.
• Hydro-alcoholic gel will always be available in the entryway, restaurant, and each cabin.
• Masks and gloves will be available systematically.
• Aniospray products (quick-dry surface disinfectants) will be available on all the ships.

Restaurant and service:

• Passengers will have the same, reserved seat for the entire cruise.
• Optimization of disinfectant products and hygiene checks.
• Table service will replace buffets for lunches and dinners.
• Breakfast choices will be reduced and wait staff will be available to curtail use of utensils by passengers.
• Hygiene rules will be reinforced during deliveries.
• Hygiene rules for crew member meals will be reinforced.


• Napkins and fingerbowls will no longer be placed on tables.
• Fruit, cookies, cocktail snacks, and appetizers will be served individually and on request.
• Passengers will no longer be able to borrow books, magazines, and board games.
• Hygiene rules concerning crew-member meals will be reinforced.

Accommodation services:

• We recommend passengers wear masks in the common areas.
• Passenger traffic on the ship will be directed to avoid crossings.
• Preventative measures will be displayed on on-board signs.
• An increase in cleaning of customer areas and cabins:
• Daily spraying of disinfectant.
• Disinfection of common interior surfaces several times a day (door handles, buttons for automatic doors, etc.).
• Housekeeping staff to wear gloves and mask for the service. Gloves will be washed with disinfectant after each cabin has been cleaned.
• Subcontractors who are not wearing masks will be refused access. Preventative measures must be followed.


• Bed sheets, towels, uniforms, and other clothes will be washed at a temperature high enough to kill the Covid-19 virus (60°C).


• Individual and separate air-conditioning system for each cabin.


• The pool and spa baths will be closed.
• Daily disinfection of the common outside areas (external digicode pad, gangway, etc.).


• Distribution of masks, gloves, and gel before departure of each excursion.
• Use of audio headphones during excursions, allow you to follow the guide's explanations while keeping distance measures.
• Masks are recommended.

General procedures for crew:

• Crew member health will be checked before returning to the ships using specific questionnaires and by taking temperatures.
• Crew members will be made aware of the current hygiene rules.
• Person-to-person greetings are prohibited (hugging, kissing, shaking hands).
• Hands must be washed several times a day with soap and water or with hydro-alcoholic products.
• Cough or sneeze into the elbow and not the hand.
• Throw paper tissues into the trash bin and wash hands.
• Avoid off-ship recreational outings during the epidemic.
• Observe one-meter social distancing.
• Everyone must wear a mask.
• Preventive measures, including the wearing of masks, will be displayed on signs in the area reserved for crew members.